The Electric Tuk Tuk

The Electric Tuk Tuk can be used for either Business or pleasure.






Tuk Tuk the Pleasure Machine. Be the first with one in your area.


The Electric Tuk Tuk

New Animated GiffSet up Your Own Local Business New Animated Giff

PLEASE NOTE Agents now needed
in many areas to sell Tuk Tuk's. Get in now! email firstly with contact details
View album tuk-tuk-caterer-unit tuk-tuk-blue
tuk-tuk-coffee For a very small price you could start
 your very own Local Business

These vehicles are well known All over the World, but not really in Europe,
 but now to comply
 Europes very Strict Safety Regulations

The Tuk-Tuk ...........**GOES ELECTRIC**

These Vehicles are Environmental Friendly & State of the Art

The Tuk Tuk  is a 4 seater Electrical Motorized Rick Shaw..  It can be converted into a
**Coffee Express Bar**

**Sandwich Bar**
 to include bagets etc

**Soft drinks Bar**
 to include Fresh Fruit Drinks, Yogurt drinks, Smoothies etc

**Ice Cream Bar**
to include selection of, Cakes, Pastries, Sausage Rolls etc

A **Pimms Cocktail Bar**,

Or even a Townn Taxi.


These Vehicles are Environmental
Friendly & State of the Art
  Whatever you wish your Business to Sell - it's entirely up to you  

On a fully charged battery under normal circumstances, the vehicle will travel 140 kilometres before it needs a re-charge.

The top speed for the Tuk Tuk machine is 30 kilometres

At the present time only yellow vehicles are available, but next shipment we will also have blue vehicles to offer.

A Tuk Tuk machine not converted costs from £2,709 plus vat )

 A converted machine costs £4,709 including vat not including equipment. These are road worthy for immediate use.

Depending on what equipment you would be using, there would, of course, be a hire Charge for this to a Local Company in your area.  OR  you could purchase this outright if you wished. 
As a Guideline Most operaters rent our their equipment at a very reasonable price of approximately £1.80 per day

Tuk Tuk Business Unit Machine size is 3mt long 1mt wide 1,80 high

For this kind of investment each machine makes easily a min of £150 a day.  That is an Excellent Income
would get your initial outlay back in 3 months.

If a smart Investor buys 5 he could make a Turn-Over of £15,000 a month.  Just think of the possibilities??

In the UK we have a list of over 50 Malls who would give permission to use one of our Electric Tuk Tuk's . This ;list will be given,
 if required, to all purchasers.

NOW Also Available as a Cheap easy to use Run Around as in Picture below.

3-Seater-Tuk New Animated Giff Tuk-Tuk-3-Seater

The above are 3 seater Electric Tuk-Tuk's. Just give them a charge over night.

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The Electric Tuk Tuk can be used for either Business or pleasure.