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Ibaza Uncovered

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Ibiza is a very popular vacation spot for long-time naturists and amateur nudists alike. Nude bathing is permitted on nearly all beaches outside of the resort areas. There are several designated nude beaches which are very popular

Aguas Blancas

This beach is located at 39° 3' 35" N x 1° 35' 20" E (Latitude: 39.05980, Longitude: 1.58910). You can map this location with Google Maps, This beach is also known as:

  • Agua Biancas Aguas Blancas S'Aigua Blanca

One of the official nude beaches on Ibiza. 300 meters long and 5 to 15 meters wide.

Ibaza Uncovered Ibaza Uncovered Ibaza Uncovered

Pine forests, almond trees anchored in red soil, steep rocky coast, hidden coves, crystalline waters - the island's northeast has managed to keep much of its countryside charm.
One of the most popular coves along this stretch of coast is Aguas Blancas, one of the official nude beach on the island, but it isn't just the naturists who love the place.
You'll see a whole lot of families with children, couples, individualists, yuppies, old hippies and bat and ball enthusiasts.

This long sandy beach and the rustic charm of the two beach bars give the place a certain 'je nais sais quoi'. These two establishments are everything but chic and trendy. You don't need starched white tablecloths and chinaware to have a good time.


Ibaza Uncovered

Es Cavallet Beach, Ibiza

Location: 10 minutes drive from Playa d'en Bossa or Ibiza Town
Facilities: Loungers, parasols, restaurants, bars, beach boutique
Activities: Volleyball net, official nudist beach
Size: 1.1 kilometres long, 30-40 metres wide

It's an official nudist beach and the main nudist area is in the middle section of the beach backed by sanddunes. The first section of Es Cavellet, close to the car park, is popular with celebrities who usually frequent the two restaurants there. There's an active gay scene at the far end of this large beach which is centred around a fab beach restaurant.

Ibaza Uncovered

Las Salinas, Ibiza, Spain

Las Salinas in Ibiza is framed with pine trees and located at Ibiza's southern-most point. The beach is the center of the action for the party-seeking crowd that takes over the island every summer, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Exclusive beach bars will deliver drinks right to your towel or lounge chair, but they aren't cheap--you'd do well to remember your wallet even if you leave your bathing suit behind. For a break from the beach, the wildlife conservation area surrounding the beach is perfect. At night, the Cas Gasi, a cozy inn, is located nearby.

Ibaza Uncovered

Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza, Spain

The entire island of Ibiza is pretty hedonistic, but some beaches have more of a party vibe than others. Playa d'en Bossa is the longest beach on Ibiza. It is lined with bars and cafes, as well as beautiful bodies on display.
one of the Cafes is the famous Bora Bora bar. Excellent views of D'Alt Vila (the Ibiza Old Town) and close-ups of low flying aircraft. Also, in front of Playa d'en Bossa, located at the South, you will see a small group of islands: "Islas Malvinas".Since there's very little in the way of natural shade, rent a beach umbrella and a chaise lounge.

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Probably best known as the party capital of the world, Ibiza is a Mecca of a destination for the young (at heart?) who want to stay out late and visit some of the most famous clubs in the world.


Sunshine isle

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Why go on holiday to Ibiza?
Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, off the east coast of Spain. Most people choose to visit for the brilliant weather, fine beaches, Spanish culture and, of course, the nightlife.

But despite its reputation, tourism hasn't completely taken over the island; you'll still find reminders of the past - Gothic cathedrals, Stone Age ruins, olive and orange groves and unspoilt fishing villages, especially if you go off-season.

How much does it cost?
Prices fluctuate a great deal on this popular island. As a guide, self-catering deals are from around 250 for a week, risings to 400 or more in summer. A week's half- board in a hotel in July is around 600.

Flights only are from 130 and it's relatively easy to find accommodation in hostels on arrival off-season (average price 30 per night for a basic double room), but advance booking is always advised in the height of summer.

When should I go?
Summer is silly season, when crowds of Europeans descend on Ibiza to enjoy the beaches, bars and clubs. At this time of year temperatures can reach 86F (30C).

So if you don't mind crowds or if you're there for the nightlife, then July and August are the times to go.

However, if you arrive in May-June and September-October you'll find the weather is still good and you won't have to deal with crowds of drunken holidaymakers.

Most hotels and other tourist-oriented businesses close down from November to April, but if you can find somewhere to stay, winter is a good time for relaxing and exploring the countryside, although the weather won't be fine enough for the beach.

Ibaza Uncovered

Party till you drop
Ibaza Uncovered
What should I do when I'm there?
Go clubbing. Ibiza is renowned for its nightlife and is the home of outrageous "superclubs" which stay open till dawn and where punters can dance naked, romp around in foam and enjoy bizarre stage acts.

Of course there are also lots of more run-of-the-mill clubs and bars and thanks to the diversity of the venues on offer, this island attracts a huge mix of hippies, gays, straights, fashion victims, nudists and package tourists.

What are the beaches like?
Beaches on the islands are beautiful, but many are spoilt by high-rise hotel developments. It is possible to find off-the-beaten-track beaches, especially off-season, but in the height of summer you won't be doing much solo swimming.

What if I want to soak up a bit of culture?
Near D'Alt Vila, the old walled town with its arched gateway, is the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, which features changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Also in this area is the cathedral which dates from the 14th century.

Anywhere else I should see?
Sa Penya, the old port, is one of Ibiza's most interesting areas as there's always something going on, day and night. Crowds promenade along the harbour and narrow streets and it's a great place for hanging out and people-watching.

Ibaza Uncovered

Warm welcome for kids

Where's good for nightlife?
During the summer, Ibiza is a continuous party and the Sa Penya district is packed with bars which stay open till the early hours. If you're still standing you can go on to clubs which stay open till dawn and beyond - check out Pacha, Kiss and Space.

You might have to save up though, because the entrance charges are between 10-25 and drinks don't come cheap either.

What's the food like?
Full English breakfasts and fish and chips are hard to avoid in the more touristy areas, but if you venture further afield you'll find delicious local food such as seafood, paella and tapas on offer.

What should I buy?
Sa Penya, in Ibiza, is crammed with dozens of funky clothes shops, and is also home to the hippy market where you can pick up anything from cheapo T-shirts to local arts and crafts.

What is there for children to do?
Spanish culture is child-orientated, so there is no problem taking children into bars, restaurants, etc (as long as they behave themselves!).

Some tour operators provide children's clubs in the bigger hotels where parents can deposit the kids and head off out for the day. Otherwise, there is an endless supply of beaches, parks and festivals in most towns where children can amuse themselves.

Tourist office
Spanish National Tourist Office, 22-23 Manchester Square, London W1M 5AP. Tel. 020 7486 8077 Brochure line: 09063 640630 (60p per minute).

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Spanish Holidays venues direct from the Villa and Apartment owners on Ibiza. What should I do when I'm there? Go clubbing. Ibiza is renowned for its nightlife and is the home of outrageous superclubs which stay open till dawn and where punters can dance naked, romp around in foam and enjoy bizarre stage acts.Of course there are also lots of more run-of-the-mill clubs and bars and thanks to the diversity of the venues on offer, this island attracts a huge mix of hippies, gays, straights, fashion victims, nudists and package tourists

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