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Hotels found in Zuid-Holland, Showing 1 – 20

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre
Score from 864 reviews


Hotels Rotterdam Centre Average guest score: 8.1/10 8.1


Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre 4-star hotel

Leuvehaven 80, Stadscentrum, Rotterdam •

Hotel Rooms: 263.

With its central location at the foot of the Erasmus bridge, this design hotel offers a unique stay with free entrance to Wellness Club H2O and free Wi-Fi.… There are 3 users browsing this hotel's page right now. More

Best Western Crown Hotel Rotterdam
Score from 521 reviews


Western Crown Hotel Rotterdam Average guest score: 7.7/10 7.7


Best Western Crown Hotel Rotterdam 4-star hotel

Schiekade 658, Noord, Rotterdam •

Hotel Rooms: 116.

Best Western Crown Hotel Rotterdam is centrally located, only a 10-minute walk away from many interesting places to visit. Enjoy a comfortable room with coffee and tea facilities.… More

Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark
Score from 331 reviews


 Rotterdam Brainpark Average guest score: 8.4/10 8.4


Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark 4-star hotel

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 150, Kralingen-Crooswijk, Rotterdam •

Hotel Rooms: 206.

Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark is a comfortable and modern 4-star hotel, located 10 minutes by car from the city centre.… More

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Score from 468 reviews


Hotel Huis ter Duin Average guest score: 8.3/10 8.3


Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin 5-star hotel

Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5, Noordwijk aan Zee •

Hotel Rooms: 254.

This 5-star deluxe hotel is located right on the beach, on top of the dunes. Enjoy various dining facilities, tasteful guest rooms and spacious suites and the extensive wellness centre.… There are 2 users browsing this hotel's page right now. More

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The Netherlands,


is a lively mix of tradition, in the form of windmills and tulips, and fast-paced modern European life.


The Dutch are generally an affable race, with a good sense of humour and a keen sense of how to enjoy themselves, whether it be relaxing in the countryside or partying hard in the big cities. Despite their country's puritan past, they are known for tolerance, or at least turning a blind eye.


Known as being largely flat (much of the country lies below sea level, and another great swathe is made up of ‘polder', or land reclaimed from the sea), The Netherlands is an ideal destination for those who enjoy pursuits like cycling or walking without over-exerting themselves. But it is a cultured land as well, as the seemingly endless list of great Dutch artists testifies.

Holland Zuid Property Rentals The Netherlands Villarenters Holidays

Holiday homes in South Holland
Holiday homes in South Holland are great holiday accommodations for an unforgettable active vacation in the Netherlands. Reserve one of our pet-friendly holiday homes in South Holland and bring the family dog along too. With so much to see and do, you can choose the type of active holiday that's right for you. In the northwestern part of South Holland, near Katwijk, Noordwijk and Norrwijkerhout, lies the Dune and Bulb Region. With a combination of coastal sand dunes, beaches, lakes and flower bulb fields, it's the perfect place whether you're looking for a water sports holiday in South Holland or a nature holiday in the Netherlands. You can also combine your love of culture with a culinary holiday in South Holland with a visit to the city of Gouda. Famous for its cheese, you can browse the cheese market on Thursdays then visit the Gouda Museum, Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum) and St John's church which has the best stained glass collection in the Netherlands. Gouda's small harbor filled with historic ships helps to make it a popular destination for a day trip in South Holland. Book one of Bungalow.Net's self-catering holiday homes in South Holland today for a very special holiday!
City tripping with Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in South Holland
Situated in convenient locations, Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in South Holland are the ideal accommodation if you want to get the most out of your next well-deserved vacation in the Netherlands. Being one of the most populated regions in the world, not surprisingly you can visit numerous historic and vibrant cities including The Hague, an interesting city with plenty to see and do. Spend your cultural holiday in The Hague visiting interesting museums like the Mauritshuis art museum, Louwman Auto Museum or Madurodam miniature city which tells the story of how Dutch cities developed. You can even enjoy a wellness holiday in The Hague with a trip to one of its spas, ideal from the holiday homes in South Holland. In Alphen aan den Rijn you can view the Eendracht Grain Mill, a windmill dating from the 17th century, which is open to visitors. In Leiden there is another great windmill (De Valk) plus the fascinating "pesthuis", an historic building that once housed victims of the bubonic plague and now serves as the entrance to the Naturalis natural history museum. Leiden is also a great place for a water sports holiday in South Holland thanks to the Kagerplassen (Kaag Lakes). Spend your day sailing, boating, swimming, sunbathing or enjoy a magnificent fishing holiday in South Holland. Three gems from the rich array of active cultural vacations in South Holland. Don't be plagued by indecision. Book one of Bungalow.Net's pet-friendly holiday homes in South Holland now!
Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in South Holland for an active holiday
With Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in South Holland, an active vacation in South Holland can be the best holiday in the Netherlands. Within close proximity you will find lakes and rivers, beautiful natural surroundings including bulb fields, windmills and historic cities like Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland. Its historic merchant houses, harbor and canals make it a popular destination for day trips when staying in the holiday homes in South Holland. In addition to a cultural holiday in Dordrecht visiting museums like the Museum of Sewing Machines and the National Museum of Landscaping, you can attend the annual book fair, which is the largest book market in Holland and attracts thousands of people each year. Situated on the North Sea, South Holland is also an ideal province for an active water sports holiday in the Netherlands or you can enjoy a trekking holiday in South Holland courtesy of wonderful trails like the Dune Route Meijendel in Wassenaar or the Brielle Hellevoetsluis Route (GR5) in Brielle. Enjoy a motorcycling holiday in Brielle or try Nordic walking in The Hague. And after a full day of adventure, it's always great to relax back at your holiday home with swimming pool in South Holland...or relish the vibrant nightlife of the cities of South Holland, after all, you're on vacation! But remember, time waits for no one, so book a cozy holiday homes in South Holland today!


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The name "Holland"

Coat of arms of Holland

Coat of arms of HollandThe name "Holland" first appeared in the sources in 866 for the region around Haarlem and was by 1064 being used for the name of the entire county. By this time the inhabitants of Holland were referring to themselves as "Hollanders".[1] "Holland" is derived from the Middle Dutch term holtland ("wooded land"). This spelling variation remained in use until around the 14th century, at which time the name stabilised as "Holland" (alternative spellings at the time: "Hollant" or "Hollandt"). Popular, but incorrect, etymology holds that "Holland" is derived from hol land ("hollow land") and was inspired by the low-lying geography of Holland.

The proper name of the area in both Dutch and English is "Holland". "Holland" is a part of the Netherlands. "Holland" is informally and quite incorrectly used in English and other languages, including sometimes the Dutch language itself, to mean the whole of the modern country of the Netherlands. (This example of pars pro toto or synecdoche is similar to the tendency to refer to the United Kingdom as "England".)
The people of Holland are referred to as "Hollanders" in both Dutch and English.

Today this refers specifically to people from the current provinces of North Holland and South Holland. Strictly speaking, the term "Hollanders" does not refer to people from the other provinces in the Netherlands, but colloquially "Hollanders" is sometimes mistakenly used in this wider sense.
When referring to the Netherlands as a whole, the adjective is "Dutch". "Dutch" is not used as an adjective for "Holland" in a modern context because "Dutch" refers to all of the Netherlands, not just Holland. However, there is a good deal of confusion about this. In actual practice, the adjective "Dutch" is often (but somewhat inaccurately) used in the specific context of Holland.

In Dutch, the Dutch word "Hollands" is the adjectival form for "Holland", but in English there is no commonly used adjective for "Holland". "Hollands" is ordinarily expressed in English in two ways:
a possessive construction (e.g. "Holland's economic power"); oran "of Holland" or "from Holland" construction (e.g. "the Maid of Holland"; "a girl from Holland").The following usages apply in certain limited situations but do not ordinarily serve as the English equivalent of the commonly used Dutch adjective "Hollands".

Occasionally, the noun "Holland" is used in apposition (e.g. "the Holland Society").The adjective "Hollandic" is occasionally used by some historians and other academic writers as an adjective for Holland. Historians who use the word tend to reserve it to pre-Napoleonic Holland.Historically the English word "Dutch" had a different, broader meaning that could occasionally include "Hollands".The adjective "Hollandish" is a word in English but is currently no longer in use.



North Holland


South Holland

South Holland


North HollandSee the article on the "Geography of the Netherlands" for a more detailed description.
Holland is situated in the west of the Netherlands. A maritime water-oriented region, Holland lies on the North Sea at the mouths of the Rhine and the Meuse (Maas). It has numerous rivers and lakes and an extensive inland canal and waterway system. To the south is Zealand. The region is bordered on the east by the IJsselmeer and four different provinces of the Netherlands.
Holland is protected from the sea by a long line of coastal dunes. Most of the land area behind the dunes consists of polder landscape lying well below sea level. At present the lowest point in Holland is a polder near Rotterdam, which is about seven meters below sea level. Continuous drainage is necessary to keep Holland from flooding. In earlier centuries windmills were used for this task. The landscape was (and in places still is) dotted with windmills, which have become a symbol of Holland.
Holland is 7,494 square kilometres (land and water included), making it roughly 13% of the area of the Netherlands. Looking at land alone, it is 5,488 square kilometres in size. The combined population is 6.1 million.
The main cities in Holland are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Amsterdam is formally the capital of the Netherlands and its most important city. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe's largest and most important harbour and port. The Hague is the seat of government of the Netherlands. These cities, combined with Utrecht and other smaller municipalities, effectively form a single city - a conurbation called Randstad.
The Randstad area is one of the most densely populated regions of Europe, but still relatively free of urban sprawl. There are strict zoning laws. Population pressures are enormous, property values are high, and new housing is constantly under development on the edges of the built-up areas. Surprisingly, much of the province still has a rural character. The remaining agricultural land and natural areas are highly valued and protected. Most of the arable land is used for intensive agriculture, including horticulture and greenhouse agri-businesses.
Eurail - Netherlands: travel by train with Eurail

... tourist highlights, railway network and extra pass benefits in The Netherlands. ... Tourist information for The Netherlands ...


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Holland Zuid Property Rentals The Netherlands Villarenters Holidays


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Holland Zuid Property Rentals The Netherlands Villarenters Holidays