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Sofitel Palais Jamai

From € 140 Sofitel Palais Jamai Preferred

Bab Guissa, Fès (16.0 km.) Show map

The palace was built in 1879 in the finest Moorish style and was the residence of the Grand Vizir of Jamaï. More…

Jnan Palace Fès

From € 106 Jnan Palace Fès 5-star

Avenue Ahmed Chaouki, Fes (12.0 km.) Show map

Greatly located in the very heart of Fez, this five star hotel provides you with the very best of a deluxe 5-star property. More…

Riad Myra

From € 130 Riad Myra 0-star

13 Rue Salaj, Batha, Fes (13.4 km.) Show map

Ideally located in Fes, in the heart of the Medina, close to the French Institute, the guest house welcomes you in a cosy atmosphere. More…

Riad Attarine

From € 65 Riad Attarine 0-star

104 Bouajjara - Bab Jdid, Fez (13.5 km.) Show map

This superb riad is located in the Medina (ancient city) of Fez the Most authentic city of the Arab World and classified with the world inheritance by UNESCO near to the door Bab Jdid wich is... More…

Riad Arabesque

From € 125 Riad Arabesque 0-star

20 Derb Miter Zenjfour Bab Guissa Medina, Fez (13.7 km.) Show map

This charming, traditional residence exudes an air of nostalgia, and has stunning views over the spiritual and intellectual capital of the kingdom and the Zalagh Mountains. More…


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5-star Jnan Palace Fès 12.0 km
0-star Riad Arabesque 13.7 km
0-star Riad Au 20 Jasmins 14.3 km
3-star Zahrat Al Jabal 14.5 km
0-star Riad Damia Fes 14.5 km
0-star Riad Al Pacha 15.3 km

Holidays in Morocco


The Moroccan Index to Hotels Airports and Villas

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Holidays in Morocco

The Moroccan Index to Hotels Airports and Villas

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Fes el Bali

Fes el Bali is the oldest and largest medieval city in the world. The whitewashed medina was built in a valley by the banks of the river fes and is surrounded by green hills. It spans 300 hectares of which there are around 550 inhabitants per herctare. Unlike other medinas, such as Essaouira, which have been logically built in a grid-like layout, Fes el Bali has simply evolved over the centuries as new houses have been built up and down the surrounding hills and passageways added. This means that there is no rhyme or reason to its design. Alleyways lead off main thoroughfares, some ending in doorways others in brick walls, the medina is almost impossible to navigate without the help of a guide. There is no point hunting around for a map as no such thing exist. One of the more reliable ways of telling your location is to see whether or not you are heading up or down hill as much of the meidna is on a steep gradient. The old city is split on either side of the river Fes. On one side is the ancient Andalucian quarter and on the other, joined by just two bridges, the more recently built, more touristically and more exlusive, Karaouyine quarter.

If Fes el Bali is your first port call in Morocco, you could find it intimidating with its crowded, cobbled strrets, dawdling mules and overpowering stench of pigeon dung and fermented chaff used to treat the animal hides, that wafts across from the ancient but fully functioning leather tanneries. Note: there is talk of a filtration system being installed in the old medina to reduce the smell, which is a shame as it an alluring feature of Fes. Many of the streets are no wider than 6 feet, with six storey high building and all street signs written in Arabic. This is where its appeal lies, along with its spectacular properties hidden behind towering doorways, its elaborately decorated mosques including the Karaouyine mosque, second biggest in north Africa and able to accommodate 20,000 people, Koranics shools with courtyards paved in marble and the coverd market with its vast array of little stores and workshops. Hours can be spent simply watching craftmen at work; carpenters, goldsmiths, embroideres,engravers, weavers, blacksmiths often squeezed into spaces little bigger than an elevator. The streets are alive with the sound and smells of a city unchanged in centuries. Goat’s feet, quinces and fresh cheese sell on chabby wooden boxes and barrows overflow with avocadoes, artichokes and mint. Altogether there are 10,539 little shops in the old medina selling anything from pig’s trotters, offal and spices to tambourines, jewellery and doors.

The best way to learn your way around is by getting to know your own neighbourhood. The medina is made up of 187 quartiers, each one required, by law, tohave a mosque, a Koranic shool, a communal oven where families can bake their own bread, apublic hammam and a water fountain- both the water fountains and the hammams are served by 70Km traditional water supply network, running throughout the medina. There are 4000 water fountains in the hole medina. A large number of households obtain their water from these fountains, as private water supply into the home is expensive.

Fes el Bali has won accolades for being the world’s largest contiguous car and bike free zone based on population size with just one road penetrating the city walls that does not enter into the heart of the medina and offers only minimal parking opportunities.


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Holidays in Morocco


morocco holidays.gif Morocco l_flag_morocco holidays.gif

Morocco is situated on the northwestern corner of Africa, Morocco is bordered with Algeria to the east and southeast, Mauritania to the south and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

The country is divided into three natural regions; the fertile northern coastal plaint along the Mediterranean which contains Er Rif, mountains varying in elevation up to about 8,000 ft; the rich plateaus and lowlands lying between the rugged Atlas mountains, which extend in three parallel ranges from the Atlantic coast in the southwest to Algeria and the Mediterranean in the northeast; and the semiarid area in southern and eastern Morocco, which merges into the Sahara Desert, The Atlas Mountains, with an average elevation of 11,000 ft, contain some of the highest peaks of North Africa, including Mt. Toubkal (13,665 ft), the highest of all. South of the Atlas lie the Anti-Atlas Mountains, with volcanic Mt. Siroua (10,000 ft).

Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa. Moroccan rivers generally flow northwestward to the Atlantic or southeastward toward the Sahara; the Moulouya is an exception, and flows 350 miles north-eastwards from the Atlas to the Mediterranean. Principal rivers with outlets in the Atlantic are the Oumer River, Sebou, Bou Regreg, Tensift, Draa and Sous. The Ziz and Gheris are the main rivers flowing southward towards the Sahara.

Lowest point:   Sebkha Tah -55m
Highest point:   Jebel Toubkal 4,165m

Morocco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Morocco low cost airlines guide is a resource for independent travellers looking for low cost, no-frills or cheap flights to Morocco...

Climate Morocco

Morocco has a subtropical climate, tempered by oceanic influences that give the coastal regions moderate temperatures. Toward the interior, winters are colder and summers warmer, a more continental climate. At high altitudes temperatures of less than -17.8° C (0° F) are not uncommon, and mountain peaks are covered with snow during most of the year.
Rain falls mainly between November and April. Precipitation is heaviest in the northwest and lightest in the east and south. The last few years there almost has been no rain in the south and east of Morocco.
The warmest month in Marrakech is August, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. We visited in September and at day it was between 32 and 40 degrees, at night between 24 and 29 degrees.

The actual weather in Morocco:

Interesting facts on Morocco   

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Hotels near Saiss FEZ Airport moroccan Hotels