Hotels in Qawra Malta.

Qawra so called as it was used for hundreds of years to produce sea salt. Teh area provider hotel accommodation and beach facilities. Qawra provides plenty of leisurely diversions including countless restaurans, shops and a number of bars and ideal place to visit or stay for the tourist visiting the Maltese Islands.

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Featured Hotels in Qawra

Sunny Coast Resort Club

Sunny Coast Resort Club 4-star

Qawra Bay, Qawra (Malta) Show map

The Sunny Coast Resort Club is ideally located in one of Malta's most beautiful bays, Qawra in the North of the Island. More…

Il Palazzin Hotel

Il Palazzin Hotel 4-star

R. Loria Street, Qawra Show map

Aesthetically beautiful from the outside and comfortably hospitable on the inside, the Il Palazzin hotel distinguishes itself admirably from other hotels in its class. More…

Palm Court Hotel

Palm Court Hotel 3-star

Tamar Street, Qawra (St Pauls Bay) Show map

After a 5 minute walk from the main public transport station, you will find the Palm Court Hotel in the heart of Malta’s popular resort town, Qawra. More…

Canifor Hotel

Canifor Hotel 4-star

Triq In-Nikkri, Qawra Show map

The Canifor Hotel is ideally located just 150m from Qawra's promenade and rocky beaches. More…

Dolmen Resort Hotel

Dolmen Resort Hotel 4-star

Qawra, St.Paul's Bay Show map

Beautifully located at the water's edge, the 4 star superior hotel boasts 375 guest rooms and 38 newly built highly finished superior rooms and suites with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and... More…


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Malta Window

MALTA: St Paul's Bay, Buġibba & Qawra

Saint Paul's Bay (in Maltese: San Pawl il-Baħar) is a town in Malta, situated in the north east of the island of Malta, 16 kms from the capital city Valletta.

Its name refers to the shipwreck of Saint Paul, as documented in the Acts of the Apostles Chapters 27 & 28, due to the tradition that Saint Paul was shipwrecked on the isles, named St. Paul's Isles, which are situated in St Paul's Bay.

The localities of Qawra and Buġibba, form part of St Paul's Bay.

Buġibba is situated adjacent to Qawra and it has numerous hotels, self catering apartments, restaurants and shopping opportunities. It is a popular resort among locals and tourists.

Qawra is also the site of one of the many towers built by the Knights of St. John. Qawra Tower is now a restaurant called Fra Ben.

The town is home to many water-sport activities including banana boat rides and speed boat rides.

Although this area is a modern tourist spot, there are some very pretty natural highlights close by. Heading north there is Mistra Bay, its headland and St Paul's Island. Going west and crossing the island towards Ġnejna Bay and Golden Bay is the scenic Wardija Ridge.

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Malta and the Island of Gozo 29 Villa and Apartment Rentals
Malta and the Island of Gozo 29 Villa and Apartment Rental
Malta is both an outstanding summer vacation destination as well as a living microcosm of Mediterranean history

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Qawra is a town in Malta  Qawra sea front  Qawra sunset in Malta

Qawra is a town in Malta. Qawra is located on the northeast of the Malta Island, and with Buġibba it forms a part of St. Paul's Bay. It is popular among tourists and is home to a many hotels and restaurants. Although there is no beach, many people swim and bathe off the rocks, which provide ample space for sun bathing. It is popular with tourists who like to walk by the sea at night.

Qawra is also the site of one of the many towers built by the Knights of St. John. Qawra Tower is now a restaurant.

The town is home to many water-sport activities including banana boat rides and speed boat rides.The area is also well known as the "touristy" area of Malta due to the many bars which show British football.Summer temperatures can be as hot as 40 degrees celsius, with an average of over 30 degrees.Casinos,bars,and clubs are also a major part of this small town.

Qawra is also home to some great nightclubs and bars. This seaside resort is just 17.60 km away from Valletta, which is the capital city of Malta.



Malta is both an outstanding summer vacation destination as well as a living microcosm of Mediterranean history. Few people realize or expect that on such a small cluster of islands one can come across such a wealth of historic traditions. Besides archeological and architectural gems Malta's great attraction are the numerous village "festas" falling mostly during summer. These festivities in honor of the village patron saint are characterized by band marches, colourful street decorations, spectacular firework displays and a religious procession where the statue of the patron saint is carried through the village streets. At the same time, Malta's many beaches are an obvious place to spend the time waiting for the celebrations to begin or to have a break from the rich historical tapestry of the islands.

Where on Earth is Malta?

By Frank L. Scicluna
It's not unusual to get a sort of a puzzled expression on many faces when you mention the word Malta. You expect some people to say - "I've heard of Malta or I have met a Maltese but I don't exactly know where or what it is." If you ask them to have a guess, they might place Malta in Africa, or maybe in the Middle East.GEOGRAPHY

It's such a small place. It is just an archipelago of islands about halfway between the coasts of Sicily and North Africa. Set in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands are the most southerly European country. The archipelago consists of five islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, together with two other uninhabited islands Cominetto and Filfla. The total area is approximately 316 sq kms (Malta 246 sq km, Gozo 67 sq km, Comino 2.7 sq km). The longest distance in Malta from North West to South East is about 27 km, with 14.5 kms width in an East - West direction. The Islands are only 90 km south of Sicily and 290 km from the northern coast of Africa.


The strategic position of Malta, Gozo and Comino has made these Mediterranean islands a crossroad of history and a bone of contention. The powers of Europe's past knew it well as a stepping-stone between Europe and North Africa. Involved in Malta's history are the Stone-Age and Bronze-Age people, Romans and Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans and Carthaginians, Castilians, French and British; from whom Malta became independent in 1964. Napoleon Bonaparte did unutterable damage in an only six-day occupation; and Malta stood firm against Hitler despite massive bombing during World War II, deservedly earning the nation the George Cross medal from King George VI (April 1942) and depicting it on the left hand corner of the flag.


The Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, a religious and multinational order of soldiers and hospitallers, have had a significant influence in the history of Malta. You might recognise the Maltese Cross, which is the insignia of the Knights of Malta. And you've heard of the Maltese falcon—the Mediterranean peregrine falcon—which was the annual rent required by Roman Emperor Charles V when he donated the Island to the Knights in 1530.

The Knights were not altogether pleased with the gift of these little islands, which were no kind of natural paradise. The Knight found the land is rugged, dry and rocky, though these days barely in evidence in its natural form because Malta is one of the world's most densely populated countries in the world (population - 366 000). It takes no more than approximately an hour to drive between any two points on the main island and that is achieved without ever breaking out into wide-open spaces; the island is virtually solid with jumbles of buildings built of native white limestone.

The Knights of St John of Jerusalem, however, left the most physical mark on Malta, after successfully defended it from the power-hungry Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1565. The Knights were in charge of the island for 270 years, building magnificent churches and lavish monuments to themselves—each nationality had its own palace (AUBERGES) —before losing power to the Napoleon Bonaparte and the French empire in 1889.


The two official languages are Maltese and English. The English language is a leftover of about 160 years of British colonisation of Malta. Maltese, whose closest languages are Lebanese, Hebrew and classic Arabic, is the only Semitic language which is written in Roman alphabet. Italian, too, is widely spoken among the younger generation, particularly due to the television programs which are transmitted from nearby Italy. It is easy to get a language guide and Maltese is interesting enough to make a little effort very worthwhile a few words taken back with you are a very beautiful 'souvenir' of your visit.

Tourism is the most lucrative industry, and the Maltese people have a friendly and welcoming way about them. At celebrations for the feast of St. Paul on the 10th of February, the locals proudly relate their immortal history to visitors as a procession with the statute of St Paul passes by.



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