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Listed below are Apartments and Villas in Apulia

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Listed Above are Apartments and Villas in Apulia

Alberobello - Apulia - Italy - UNESCO World Heritage Sites video.


Alberobello is a small town and comune in the province of Bari, in Puglia, Italy. It has about 11,000 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trulli constructions. The Trulli of Alberobello are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites list since 1996.

Kissed by the Adriatic sun, southern Italy's Apulia region is a land of olive trees, impressive Norman castles and charming hilltop towns overlooking aquamarine seas. Settle into Polignano a Mare, a town with a decisively Greek feel and a spectacular coastal setting. Walk along narrow cobblestone streets to see its Old Town and other highlights. Travel to Leece to admire its lace-like baroque architecture and to Ostuni to view dazzling white buildings. Delight in the quaint fishing village of Trani. Marvel at the unique pointed, helmet-like roofs of the houses in Trulli, and the cave houses and caverns in Sassi. Discover the legacy of the famous Hohenstaufen Emperor, Frederick II, with a tour of the 13th-century Castel del Monte

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Puglia is the "heel" of Italy, the South-East peninsula reaching out into the Adriatic and Ionian seas.
The area is very rural and traditional, and is regarded as the "garden of Italy".
Most of the country's wine and much of the world's olive oil is produced here, along with oranges, lemons, cherries, and countless other fruit, nuts, vegetables, wheat and a whole range of other agricultural produce. And one should not fail to mention the rich variety of seafood available in local markets and restaurants.

The world famous Italian cuisine (as captured recently in the series by Jamie Oliver) is available in abundance and surprisingly cheaply, thanks to the wealth of produce.
It also helps that the holidaymakers from Western Europe have not yet arrived, with prices to suit!

The locals are very laid-back and friendly. In combination with hot summer sun, over 500 miles of unspoilt sandy beaches and coastline, and a generous sprinkling of mediaeval towns, villages, churches and castles, this makes for a very popular holiday destination, especially with the Italians.

Holidaying here is only just catching on with the British, due to the introduction in the last 18 months of direct daily flights by Ryanair to the regional airports of Bari and Brindisi, and twice weekly flights by British Airways to Bari.

There are numerous sites of cultural and archaeological interest, which reflects in the styles and designs of the villages, towns and cities of the region.

History and Places to Visit


The Romans, Goths, Lombards, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans, the Crusaders, French, Greeks and Spanish have all had ownership of Puglia at some point in time, and left a mark on the region.
The whitewashed buildings and towns, with narrow alleys and flights of steps that are more reminiscent of those in Greece
There are magnificent cathedrals, castles (the octagonal 11th Century Castel Del Monte of Frederick II, Bari's 13th Century Swabian Castle) and cities with Baroque influences. The Roman amphitheatre in Lecce of 1st Centrury BC is one of the oldest remaining.

Places to Visit

Alberobello - the focal point for the trulli! Alberobello boasts the greatest number of trulli in one place, with around 1,500 nestling in the cobbled streets around the gentle hills on which the town is built.
Trulli are protected by the World Heritage Organisation. Those in Alberobello have been lived in for several hundred years up to today.
There are many shops, restaurants, a church and even hotels to be found in trulli in the town.

Brindisi - a bustling modern port, home to the 15th Century Aragones Castle and some medieval and Baroque churches. Daily ferries to Greece, Turkey and Albania.

Castellana Grotto - the largest cave complex in Italy, with dazzling white walls of pure crystals.

Ceglie Mesapica - an ancient Messapian centre lies in the old town.

Cisternino - with a pretty old town, typical of the area.

Gallipoli - (from the Greek kalli poli, meaning beautiful city) with a Byzantine castle, a Baroque cathedral and an ancient Greek fountain.

Lecce - the "Florence of the South", described as the most beautiful city in Italy, in a Baroque style with golden stone building in quiet winding streets.

Locorotondo - arranged in a circular style, with narrow winding streets, trulli and a Gothic church

Martina Franca - another Baroque city with an interesting old town centre

Ostuni - the "white city", with whitewashed buildings set on top of three hills overlooking the Adriatic. Many bars, restaurants and shops.

Otranto - South of Lecce, with an award winning beach, lots of restaurants and shops.

Polignano - a beautiful seaside town, north of Monopoli

Taranto - standing on a central island between two canals, with narrow winding streets, Roman ruins, an Aragonese castle, 11th Century Baroque cathedral and Doric column from the Greek temple of Poseidon.



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We have a selection of over 1,500 properties in Italy to choose from






We have a selection of over 1,500 properties in Italy to choose from.

Italy, Beautiful Italy. Whether on the Italian Riviera, or Florence, where the buildings date back to the year 1100, their ancientness certainly shocked me, or Rome where many buildings such as the colliseum date back to before Christianity, Italy is very different from anything in North America. For one thing they have the very best ice cream, hard to believe, but their ice-cream is far superior to anything in North America and I'm not an ice cream fan.

Likewise, Italian food is far superior to anything in North America. I would go so far as to say in my opinion Italian food is the best in Europe. Perhaps you think I am prejudiced. Actually it is quite the opposite, France is my favorite European country and I quite expected French food to be better than all the rest, but if it is I never ate that food, because I never could afford it. Italian food is more reasonably priced and tastes better, at least within my budget.

Likewise, I expected France to be the fashion center of the world. Italy is much more fashion concious and much more well dressed. For a North American Italy is also more unique. This is the beginning of a resource to help you find your way about italy with more to come.

Italian holidays

Beautiful Italy

Property Rentals in Puglia, Southern Italy,Property Rentals in Italy, Italian holidays,Italy,Holiday Apartments in Italy

Property Rentals in Italy, Holiday Apartments in Italy

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Property Rentals in Puglia, Southern Italy,Property Rentals in Italy, Italian holidays,Italy,Holiday Apartments in Italy