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Sometimes called the "Village of One Million" Munich is a southern city located near the Alps.

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Sometimes called the "Village of One Million" Munich is a southern city located near the Alps. This wonderfully charming 800-year-old city is the capital of Bavaria and the home of the world-famous Oktoberfest.

Despite its name, events starts in late September and spills into the first week of October - dancing oompah bands and food dominate. Be prepared not only to drink but also to eat. You'll have your fill of sausages that is for sure but experiment a bit - whole oxen for instance are cooked on giant spits. While the food is good, festival goers never let it distract from the main focus of the festival: beer. The city is filled with thousands of casual and committed beer drinkers guzzling foamy brew for days on end. If this sounds like heaven by all means go and enjoy it but if it doesn't avoid Munich at all costs during this time.
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Ferienwohnungen Haus Schraudolf

Set in picturesque Oberstdorf, these homelike apartments feature a large south-facing balcony with great views of the Allgäu Alps. Hiking and cycling paths start directly at the property. 1 person is looking at this guest house. More

Oktoberfest Munich

Oktoberfest usually starts around 20 September at a Saturday and goes for 2 Weeks and includes 3 Weekends so it ends on Sunday and in October obviously. The Beer is Ice Cold when you get it. If its not full enough to the liter mark, its not very accurate you can let them fill it to the mark if you really care about it. Normally only Women from Bavaria have these Dresses called "Dirndl" but everyone can buy them in the City. The Mens Cloth are Lederhosn which translates to Leathertrousers. The Music is debatable and varies also by a little from tent to tent. The Tents: The Hippodrom is the celebrity Tent and you can buy Champagne too there, but normal guys dont go there it just sucks. The HB or Hofbräu tend is visited mostly by tourists as well as Paulaner. The Hacker, is pretty much the Party tent but the Party goes on everywhere when the alcohol kicks in. The Augustiner has the best Beer and mostly people from Munich go there but also traditional older People you will find there so the party is not as crazy as in the Hacker tent
. The Schottenhammel is the most traditional tent and its where it all starts and the first Beer gets drunken. Also mostly young people from Munich go there although i dont like the Spaten-Beer very much there. The party there is also extremely crazy. The Löwenbräu is the worst beer with Paulaner and mostly tourists there. But if you are too late you cant choose anymore, then you are happy when you come in any tent because on the weekend especially around noon they close because they are full and u have to wait long to get in. For me i dont go in anyway i go to the Beergarden outside the tents and like more the talking not the going into the craziness. When its late you have a very very little chance to get seats for a group of People sitting greater than 4 i would say, the fewer the better. If you are that many you have to search very long or be lucky a whole table leaves which is very rare. If you are a big group of people you have to go very early there like 9-10 am. For people who want a real good Beer and like it quiet too they can go to the traditional Oktoberfest which is a seperate part there. It costs 2,50€ i think fee for entrance. Inside are 2 smaller tents from Augustiner brewery and HB i think where you can get a Beer from a very old receipe in a Stoneglass (dont know the english word for "Krug") and its very Strong. Not as much as our Strongbeer in Strongbeerseason in April with 10-12%alc but its around 6-8 i think and you get a Liter which is a quater Gallon. You also get some kinds of different Food, not all but some like Horse-Bratwurst which is so freakin awsome you cant imagine, but nevermind :D. There are also some very old rides and just some stuff they had 50 years ago kinda stuff. Every four years on Oktoberfest there is a seperate part on the same place for a Farmers trade fair, then there is no traditional Oktoberfest because then there is no space for it. The food is awesome allover the Oktoberfest and very high quality even though its in mass production especially in the tents. And Oktoberfest is very expensive. A Liter Beer costs around 9 € a half chicken 10 or 12 but its very Tasty. Normally in Munich a Liter of the same Beer in a Shop costs less than 2 € - 2x 500mlx about 90 cents because here Beer is sold in half Liters normally. If you must go Piss in a Tent there are Toilets. For Men there are also special Pissoirs where you dont have to wait, Women are not that lucky. Toilets are indoors and outdoors, makes sense because when a Tent shuts the entrance down its better not to go out or you might have som trouble getting back in.

Munich has several interesting historical sites. There are the remnants of a time when the Wittelsbach family still ruled and beautifully restored gateways that date from the 14th century. Churches, parks, gardens....just wander around the different quarters and you'll come across something of your interest. Those interested in art and history can make a choice from the elaborate list of art galleries and museums.

You can also opt for one of the guided tours. A must for cineasts is the Film Express that takes its visitors through Germany's Film City.


Munich history is rich, and this is reflected by the many historical sites in the area. It has faced many hardships such as the plague, World War I and World War II. Throughout history Munich has been a cosmopolitan city facilitating the development of art and culture. In modern times Munich is a developed and wealthy city that offers tourists a comfortable and interesting visit.

World War I and World War II

World War I began in 1914 and during 1916, three bombs landed on Munich. In the period after World War I there was politcal unrest in Munich. Nazi movements were prominent in this area and in 1923 Hitler lead a revolt that failed. Munich was central to the National Socialist Movement and the headquarters were established in Munich. You can still see some of the buildings in current times. The Feldernhalle is a war memorial which was important to the Nazi movement. The first concentration camp was built 16 km from Munich. There were 71 air raids on the City resulting in extensive damage to buildings.


Munich is home to everything quintessentially Bavarian. Munich is especially well-known for the Munchner Welsswurst, a veal-based breakfast sausage that is traditionally eaten as a late breakfast with a Brezn (prezel), sweet mustard and a Weissbier ('white beer', which outside Bavaria usually goes by the more descriptive name Weizenbier, ('wheat bier') and has traditionally been available in restaurants only until noon (today it can be ordered all day long).

The Bavarian meal often starts with a soup, of which there are many varieties. Staples include Leberknodelsuppe (soup with round dumpling containing liver), GrieBnockerlsuppe (soup with semolina dumplings) and Pfannkuchensuppe (pancake soup).

Also, if asked the things typical German, many people will have beer on top of their mind. And no other city symbolizes German beer culture as Munich. There are six major Munich breweries. Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau, Paulaner, Spaten-Franziskaner.

Gasten House two Baveria
Baveria Hoiday destination
Exceptional, 10.0 Score from 1 review

Gästehaus Bergwinkl

These apartments in the Bavarian resort town of Reit im Winkl are within 5 minutes’ walk of hiking and cross-country ski trails. They feature free Wi-Fi, a garden, and a balcony or terrace. 1 person is looking at this guest house. More
Baveria Hoiday destination
Good, 7.1 Score from 1 review

Franks Ferienchalet

This 5-star holiday home is located in a quiet side street in the ski resort of Oberstdorf. 1 person is looking at this guest house. More

Franks Ferienchalet offers elegant accommodation with a traditional tiled stove and a private 50m² spa area with sauna and power shower.

Franks Chalet is over 200 m² in size and features a bay window on every floor. It has 2 modern bathrooms, 4 WCs, high-quality parquet floors and fully equipped kitchen with a spacious living room.

The chalet is cleaned during your stay. Filled bread rolls can be ordered on demand, and a shopping, babysitting or butler service can be requested. Guests are also welcome to use the spa area and dine at the neighbouring 5-star hotel.

Franks Ferienchalet is just a short walk away from the Schattenbergschanze (ski jump), the Eisstadion (ice rink) and the Nebelhornbahn (Nebelhorn mountain cable car).

Drivers will appreciate the double parking garage and the private outdoor parking spaces.

Holiday home: sleeps 8
Baveria Hoiday destination

Holiday Home Waldsiedlung Bischofsmais

This unique, spacious holiday home is in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. Each home is equipped with internet, stereo-tower, dishwasher and microwave. 1 person is looking at this guest house. More

This is the perfect area for enjoying long, refreshing walks. There are good skiing facilities for the whole family on the nearby 1406 metre high Grosse Arber in winter.

Chalet Valley Baveria
Baveria Hoiday destination
Very good, 8.4 Score from 14 reviews

Chalet Valley Baveria

This hotel is located at the gateway to Munich and offers nine individual, generously and tastefully appointed studios. There is 1 person looking at this hotel. More


Bavaria is the largest German territory. It is a land dotted with little towns and villages. Wooden shells, high red tiled roofs with many skylights, old signboards, town walls, ancient churches, domes and steeples, narrow streets and riverbanks, huge green areas and many flowers take us to a wonderfully calm and merry world. Beside the well known Octoberfest holder Munich and the medieval older towns Nuremberg, Regensburg and Augsburg, there are castles like the romantic Neuschwanstein that are waiting for the traveller. There are glittering lakes in the green pinewood like the Konigssee and the Chiemsee, and mountaintops like the snow-capped Zugspitze. Though Bavaria is only one territory within the German territories, it is clear it is quite different from the others. It is richer, friendlier and its atmosphere is more delightful.

Bavaria (German: Bayern) is the largest federal-state ("Bundesland" or shortened to Land) of Germany, situated in the south-east of the country, and extends from the North German Plain down into the Alps. Bavaria is what many non-Germans probably have in mind when they think about Germany. Ironically, Bavaria has more in common culturally with neighboring Austria than the rest of Germany. This stereotype includes Lederhosen (leather trousers), sausages and lots of beer - Bavaria, however, has much more to offer to the traveller. Along with the Rheinland and Berlin, it is Germany's most popular tourist destination.

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