Solar Powered Garden Wall Lights

Solar Wall Light having been designed in the UK no running or wiring costs they are just a must have.

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Solar Garden Lights


Plus Solar Landscape Spotlights that are incredibly bright.

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SOLAR WALL lights have been around for a number of years now.  But the Kensington Solar Wall Light re-defines the genre by using bang up-to-date Everlast solar technology which gives superior charging in poor light conditions.  Combined with IP56 rated water resistance, this rather tough little unit will survive the inclement Spanish weather we are more accustomed to.

 SOLAR WALL lights

Finished in stylish aluminium the Kensington measures 215mm x 65mm x 38mm and can be quickly fitted to a wall outside a door, beside steps, pathways or driveways using the included screws and wall-plugs.  A template is supplied for drilling the holes and once the wall-plugs have been fitted and screws fixed the light unit slides easily into place.  Once fitted simply activate the light by using the supplied pin.


Kensington Solar Wall Light

The Kensington Solar Wall Light switches on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn for hassle-free operation.  The light provides a pleasing glow more than sufficient to the task at hand.




Please do note that even the best solar lights will struggle to work in a shaded north-facing location and also are not designed to work fitted inside behind glass, such as a naya.


The Kensington Solar Wall Light is certainly not dull, either as a subject or at what it does.  If you want to remove the need for wiring, switches and have the ability to place a light virtually anywhere you need it then this definitely fits the bill. This light won't let you down as it's designed to work in the even worse UK climate.

Kensington Solar Wall Lights

Outdoor Solar Light 




The Kensington Solar Wall Light has been designed in the UK to work in the UK and redefines what can be expected from a solar light in UK wintertime. Even after a succession of dull winter days the Kensington can deliver light until dawn with unrivalled consistency. This IP56 rated unit also offers enhanced water resistance to protect it from the worst of the British weather.

This stylish aluminium marker light is designed to be retrofitted to existing brick walls in a matter of minutes to provide a pleasing glow to walls lining pathways, driveways, steps or anywhere else you need light. The Kensington comes on automatically each night and turns off automatically each morning for hassle free operation.

Installation is simple and can be completed with minimal DIY skills. Simply use the supplied template to mark and drill holes, install wall plugs and fix screws before sliding the light into place. Once mounted, simply turn the light on using the supplied pin.

The Kensington will work reliably in winter even if it has been installed in a location that is not ideal from a solar point of view. South facing is always best, but our extensive testing during winter 2012-13 has shown that Kensington will work throughout the night on unobstructed west and east facing walls during sustained dull spells. That said, there are certain locations where NO solar lights will work and you need to consider this before making a purchase. Even the best solar lights will struggle to work in a shaded north facing location. To get the most out of your light make sure your location is unobstructed by walls, sheds, buildings, trees, fences or the shadows that these create. Please also remember that solar lights will not charge properly inside behind glass!


Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights



Product Description

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights are incredibly bright and can be positioned up to 5 metres away from their solar panel enabling you to place solar lights in shaded areas where they wouldn't normally charge during the day. The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights contain 3 double-size super-bright LEDs in each light and can comfortably light up to a range of 20 metres.

How do they work?

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights have a powerful 1.6W solar panel that charges the high capacity batteries during the day. At night the Solar Landscape Spot Lights illuminate automatically until dawn when they switch back to charging mode.

How do I install them?

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights are incredibly easy to install in comparison with mains powered garden lighting.

The box contains 2 spotlights, a solar panel connected to 5 metres of cable, 3 deck mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel), 3 spike mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel), 6 screws with 6 raw plugs and a set of instructions.
1. Position your solar panel by either staking it into the ground or by using the deck mount to attach it to a fence or decking.
2. Position your two spot lights by either staking them into the ground or by using the deck mounts to attach them to a fence or decking.
3. Plug the cable from your two spot lights into the solar panel.

 Ideal Security Feature for any Garden


VicTsing 3 LED Solar Powered Fence Gutter Light Outdoor Garden Wall Lobby Pathway Lamp (Energy Saver With High Technology)




  • Brand new and high quality.
  • This solar power 3 LED fence light is very popular and green, energy-saving.
  • It can be installed under the roof or fixed on the fence in your garden. Solar panel absorbs sunlight into electrical energy stored in rechargeable battery.
  • When evening comes, the solar fence light will automatically send out light. This solar fence light gives you a good view and safety of your garden at night.
  • Suitable for walkways, driveways, gardens, landscaping, outdoor parties, and pathways and a great buy for home owners, landscapers, garden enthusiasts, and anything else.



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