Solar Powered Garden Lights

Lights for the Garden Solar Powered no running or wiring costs

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Lets takes a look at the Solar Powered Mosaic Garden Post Lights

Everybody loves solar lights - they're inexpensive, cost nothing to run and are a cinch to install.  They also add charm and atmosphere to any outside space, large or small.  And in the Spanish climate there's no shortage of sun to keep them fully charged and ready to go.

Solar-Mosaic-lightsThe Solar Powered Mosaic Garden Post Lights are constructed from brightly coloured glass pieces and fitted to stainless steel posts.  The three pack is made up of a blue, purple and yellow mosaic lantern which cast interesting colour shadows around them.


The lights come on automatically at dusk and last for up to six hours on a full charge, designed for year-round outdoor use.  Each post light is fitted with an AA rechargeable battery supplied fully charged.

Solar-lights-4-gardensInstallation couldn't be easier - simply remove from the box, unscrew the solar panel from the top of the lantern and switch on the unit, replace and place in the garden.  It's very easy to forget to switch on the solar panel and then assume they're broken when they only last one night - so be patient and read the instructiions!  Each post is 40cm high and 7cm in diameter, ideal for use in pots or window boxes too.

Our Verdict:  The Solar Powered Mosaic Garden Post Lights are a colourful additiion to any garden, and there's no wiring or switches to worry about - just place them in your favourite spot and enjoy!




Solar Garden Gnome Lights

Our novelty Garden Gnome Lights will be an excellent addition to your garden, especially for any homeowner searching for a distinctive look.


They are perfect to be used in a variety of places, from flowerbeds and pathways to table and decking areas. Providing a powerful light for their size, each Gnome features one white LED, which comes out either pink, orange or blue depending on the hat colour.

A great conversation starter on those warm summer evening with friends, the gnomes are powered by an integrated solar panel. This environmentally product has no running or wiring costs either.





During the day, ensure that the gnomes are placed in an area of direct sunlight, so that the battery in each gnome will be recharged each day. An intelligent light sensor will switch each one on automatically at night, and deactivate when the battery runs out.





  • 3 Multi Colour Decorative Graden Gnome Lights

  • Battery Type:1 AA 1.2V Rechargeable Battery (per gnome); Battery Included;

  • Integrated Solar Panel; Height: 28cm

  • Automatically Turns on at Dusk;Perfect for flowerbeds, borders or pathways

  • 12 Months Warranty

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Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights



Product Description

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights are incredibly bright and can be positioned up to 5 metres away from their solar panel enabling you to place solar lights in shaded areas where they wouldn't normally charge during the day. The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights contain 3 double-size super-bright LEDs in each light and can comfortably light up to a range of 20 metres.

How do they work?

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights have a powerful 1.6W solar panel that charges the high capacity batteries during the day. At night the Solar Landscape Spot Lights illuminate automatically until dawn when they switch back to charging mode.

How do I install them?

The Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights are incredibly easy to install in comparison with mains powered garden lighting.

The box contains 2 spotlights, a solar panel connected to 5 metres of cable, 3 deck mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel), 3 spike mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel), 6 screws with 6 raw plugs and a set of instructions.
1. Position your solar panel by either staking it into the ground or by using the deck mount to attach it to a fence or decking.
2. Position your two spot lights by either staking them into the ground or by using the deck mounts to attach them to a fence or decking.
3. Plug the cable from your two spot lights into the solar panel.

 Ideal Security Feature for any Garden



Solar Powered Meerkats with Bird Bath Garden Light


  • Solar powered meerkats with bird bath garden light

  • Features a white LED light, Includes rechargeable battery

  • Easy to use, No mains wiring

  • Automatically turns on at dusk




Blingstring Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights with 120 LED Bulbs


  • 120 super-bright LED bulbs on a 14 metre string. Perfect for decorating trees, shrubs, plant pots, decking, porches, pergolas and trellises

  • Can work for up to 10 hours a night and are designed for year round outdoor use

  • Will come on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn

  • Can be installed in minutes and come with 2 simple mounts giving the option to fix the solar panel to fences, walls and others

Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights are perfect for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights anywhere outside without the hassle of installing an electricity supply. Simply position the solar panel in an area that gets unobstructed daylight, place your lights and wait until dark. At night the Blingstring�"s turn on automatically for up to 10 hours in your favourite mode before turning off automatically at dawn.

Solar-Lights-detailsBlingstring Solar Fairy Lights can be installed in a matter of minutes by using the 2 simple mounts that come with your lights. The wall mount gives you the option to fix the solar panel to fences, walls, decking or roofs. The stake gives you the option to place your solar panel in your lawn, flower bed or plant pots.

Blingstring�"s are completely solar powered. During the day the suns rays are absorbed by the Blingstring�"s Solar Panel which charges the rechargeable AA batteries included with your lights. After dark the AA rechargeable batteries power the lights for up to 10 hours before charging up again the following day. AA rechargeable batteries are easily replaceable after several years use and widely available from most supermarkets. Blingstring�"s are fully weather resistant and use the same amount of power as a typical TV remote control making them safe to use outside in all weather conditions.

Solar-boxBlingstrings are bright, reliable, simple to use and safe. Everything you need is included in the box and absolutely no DIY skills are needed to install the lights.
2 lighting modes allow you to choose between having all the bulbs constantly on, or all bulbs flashing.


 Box Contains

  • Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights - 120 LED Bulbs

  • 2 � AA rechargeable battery (installed)

  • 1 � wall mount

  • 1 � stake mount

  • 2 � screws

  • 2 � wall plugs

  • Full instructions

  • Garden kraft Benross Solar Powered Meerket Light Ornament

    • Fun Meerkat Family Solar Light

    • Auto Sensor: Turns On When Dark

    • No Wiring So Install Anywhere

    Meercat-LanternCLICK BELOW TO ORDER


    The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. A fun and functional gift that will look great in any garden. A fun meerkat family holding a lantern containg a solar powered bright white LED light that will light up your garden. An auto sensor means the light will come on automatically when it gets dark. No wiring means you can place the meerkat anywhere in your garden easily. Please search for more great items from the Benross Group on including an extensive range of Christmas, Garden, Solar Lights, Tools, Toys and Gizmos, Camping and much more.

    Product Description

    No wiring, install anywhere. This Meerkat solar light will brighten up your patios, decking, driveways & flowerbeds.


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