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Hotels in Ecuador Holiday Apartments and Villas in Ecuador

Hotels in Ecuador at Colonial Quito.Starting point for Galapagos Islands


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34 Hotels found in Quito

Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre

Ecuador Hottels

Score from 18 reviews

Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre 4 star hotel

Sucre Oe, 2-36, Quito •

Housed in an 18th-century building in the heart of Quito, this boutique hotel offers stylish interiors and free internet. It is located just a 20-minute drive from the International Airport. All the rooms at Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre are … More

Hilton Colon Quito Hotel

Ecuador Hottels

Hilton Colon Quito Hotel 5 star hotel

Amazonas, 1914 y Patria Avenida, 1, Quito (Quito) •

Hilton Colon Quito Hotel, a 10-minute walk from the colonial Old Town, offers an outdoor pool and a gym. All air-conditioned rooms are fitted with modern furnishings. The spacious rooms at Hilton Colon Quito Hotel include a minibar and cab… More

Hotel Real Audiencia

Ecuador Hottels


Hotel Real Audiencia 3 star hotel

Calle Bolivar Oe-3- 18 y Calle Guayaquil, Quito •

Real Audiencia is located in Quito´s colonial Plaza de la Independencia, with views to the imponent Santo Domingo Church. It has rooms with traditional décor, featuring free internet and cable TV. All rooms at Hotel Real Audiencia come wit… More

Hotel Quito

Ecuador Hottels

Score from 7 reviews

Hotel Quito 4 star hotel

Ave. Gonzalez Suarez N27-142, Quito (Pichincha) •

Situated in central Quito, this 4-star Art Deco hotel offers rooms with private balconies and free Wi-Fi. Guests can enjoy Andean Valley views from the hotel's outdoor swimming pool. All rooms are spacious and feature large windows overlo… More

Hostal Quito Cultural

Ecuador Hottels


Hostal Quito Cultural

Flores N.4 - 160 Y Chile, Quito (Pichincha) •

Hostal Quito Cultura offers spacious rooms with cable TV, a sun terrace and free internet. It is located in the city heart of Quito, just 2 blocks from San Francisco Church. Rooms are colourfully decorated with painted walls and coloured s… More

Ecuador Love Life (in English)

The land of fire and ice is currently one of the major tourist destinations in the Americas, offering unparalleled colonial architecture, dramatic landscapes and the eco-tourist mecca of the Galapagos Islands. Quito and Cuenca, have historical centers that are so stunning, each has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site (Quito in 1978 and Cuenca in 1999. Quito's churches are some of the richest, most spectacular colonial buildings in all of South America.

Ecuador Life at its Purest!! (in English)


Video about Ecuador, a fantastic place on Earth.
Right on the Equator line, latitud 0deg 0' 0".
Visit Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Galapagos Islands.
Get to know the warmth of its people in a great journey you'll never forget.
Quito, first cultural patrimony of humankind by UNESCO.
Cuenca is also cultural patrimony of humankind.
Galapagos is natural patrimony of humankind.
Quitenos call themselves "chullas" which means "resident spirit" or "inhabitant of this land" in the ancient quitu (tsafiqui) language.
The Valdivia culture is the oldest civilization in America. We are proud descendents of that culture.
Only in Ecuador one says "me voy a volver" because one always comes back.
The most accesible part of the Amazon rain forest is in Ecuador!
Panama hats are originally from Ecuador. They are handcrafted in Ecuador. They were brought to Panama in one of the journeys of Eloy Alfaro to that country where they fell in love with them.
Native Ecuadorians speak Kichwa or Runa Shimi, which means the language of the human beings.
Quito is considered "luz de America" because it was its people who first spoke up and died for independece in 1809.
August 10, 1809, Ecuadorian Independence Day. The day it all began for this Republic.

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Holiday Apartments and Villas in Ecuador

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Holiday Apartments and Villas in Ecuador Property Rentals in

Hotels bookings in Ecuador at Colonial Quito