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Tochni is a very pleasant village located in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, about halfway between the cities of Larnaca and Limassol.


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Cyprus Holiday Villas
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 In Tokhni

Archondia House

From € 72 Archondia House 0-star

Tochni Village, Tochni Show map

The strikingly attractive complexes comprise four meticulously restored traditional houses, furnished with comfort in mind, and decorated with charming Cypriot antiques and artifacts.
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Vasilikos House

From € 55 Vasilikos House 3-star

, Tochni Show map

The Vasilikos Houses is a complex of traditional lodgings, each with its own individual characteristics, dispersed in various spots on a small hill of Tochni, some foot steps away from the center.

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Hotels Tokhni Cyprus Adamos House

From € 63 Adamos House 3-star

Tochni Village, Tochni Show map

Adamos House is a strikingly attractive Complex of 6 meticulously restored Traditional Houses. Furnished with comfort in mind, it has been decorated with charming Cypriot Antiques and Artifacts.

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 near Tokhni

Athena House

From € 46 Athena House 2-star

, Pentakomo (3.2 km.) Show map

Beautiful stone-built traditional villa with stunning views across the endless wheat fields. For a refreshing swim, the pool is within easy walking distance. More… Hotels Tokhni Cyprus

Louis Apollonia Beach

From € 154 Louis Apollonia Beach Preferred

Georgios A Str., Limassol - Lemesos (21.9 km.) Show map

This extensively renovated hotel is situated right on the Limassol beach front, 5 km from the town center and within walking distance to the popular Yermasoyia tourist entertainment area.

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The Classic Hotel

From € 85 The Classic Hotel 3-star

94 Rigenis St, Nicosia (43.3 km.) Show map

The Classic Hotel Situated in Nicosia, Capital of Cyprus, the center of Business and trade within the old Medieval Walls near museums, galleries, theatres and Shops. More… Hotels Tokhni Cyprus


From € 118 GrandResort 5-star

127, Amathountos Street, Limassol (16.7 km.) Show map

The Grand Resort is a luxurious hotel based in Amathus, 11 km from the town of Limassol.

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Tokhni is a picturesque little village situated in the south-eastern region of Cyprus. Set in the foothills of the Troodoos Mountains, the village of Tokhni is located almost midway between the larger cities of Larnaca and Limassol. It is also called Yeni Taskent or New Tokhni and has historical significance because of an attack by Greek soldiers on the village of Tokhni in the 1970s. The attack destroyed the village, and led to its subsequent reconstruction.

The climate in Tokhni this part of Cyprus is Mediterranean in nature. The average annual temperature is around 20°C, and in the long summers, it can rise up to 40°C. Winters are typically mild, and owing to Tokhni’s geographical location, it is sunny throughout the year.

This friendly village has a known population of about 400 people

Hotels Tokhni Cyprus

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Only 20 minutes after escaping from the clogged seafront at Larnaca, where legions of lobster-pink tourists were marching the streets in search of the cheapest “two-for-one” drinks offers, we had arrived in the tiny village of Tochni. Here was a Cyprus that, until recently, I hadn’t realised still existed. I had been under the impression that the island was all overcrowded beaches and high-rise hotels. Yet this was one of the prettiest villages I had ever seen.

Scattered around the hillside was a higgledy-piggledy collection of stone houses, strung together by one meandering street that wound its way up into the foothills of the Troodos mountains. It is so quiet here that the locals claim they can hear a car coming from three miles away. As we entered the village, a “welcoming committee” of grey-haired Cypriot ladies in black dresses lined the street outside open doorways, sewing lace and swapping stories as they had done for decades. A gentle breeze stroked our skin, bringing with it reminders of the day’s earlier heat; somewhere in the distance we could hear the clanking of a cowbell, the lowing of Tochni cattle and the sound of cicadas chirruping in the bushes. This, we would learn, was as noisy as it gets in Tochni.

However, while it might seem like a world away from the package holiday swarms, Tochni is conveniently close to Cyprus’s historical sites and beautiful beaches. Located in between the southern coastal hot spots of Larnaca and Limassol, it is just five minutes away from the A1 motorway; turn left and you head straight to the capital city, Nicosia; turn right and you’ll end up in Coral Bay and Paphos, on the island’s west coast. Despite the fact that not many people seem to know about it, including most of the Cypriots we asked on the way, Tochni has been inhabited for over 1,000 years. For much of that time, life has trickled along at the same pedestrian pace you’ll experience today.

For various reasons, however, the population of the village dropped drastically in recent decades, to the point where Tochni’s community was in danger of disappearing altogether. It began in 1974, when the village’s Turkish residents fled their homes and headed to the north, after the island’s invasion by Turkey. Although many of these houses were subsequently filled by Greek-Cypriot refugees, in the reciprocal exodus to the south, a large number of them are still empty today. The problem of Tochni’s shrinking population was exacerbated by the fact that its younger residents were moving to more urban areas like Larnaca. Those that remained were mostly elderly; Tochni was in danger of dying out. Thankfully this trend is now changing, as a result of one man’s vision.

Sofronis Potamitis, who grew up in the nearby village of Kalavasos, set up a company called Cyprus Villages 10 years ago. It began buying up abandoned cottages in the area, and turning them into traditional-style holiday homes, as part of a government scheme to inject new life into rural Cyprus. Unlike the huge development projects which created many of the resorts that we’re more familiar with in Cyprus, Potamitis aims to give visitors a taste of traditional Cypriot life.

Having been in Tochni only an hour, we made our way along the narrow main street, waving to the lace-making ladies en route, to the post office-cum-general store. While browsing the shelves for some holiday beer, Christos, the store’s owner, presented us with two glasses of fresh lemonade. “How long are you staying?” he asked, with a warm smile. “You’re going to love it here.”

There are only two restaurants in Tochni, but the food is magnificent at both.

My favourite was the Tochni Taverna. A steep, winding path takes you up from the market square, past several families of fluffy kittens and ramshackle houses, to a leafy terrace overlooking the streets and surrounding hills. The stifado, melt-in-the-mouth chunks of beef cooked in red wine with onions and cinnamon, is fantastic, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of visiting a friend’s home. However, if you can’t face the climb you could always grab a table at Nostos instead, which is conveniently located at the bottom of the path. The tables outside allow you to witness all the crucial comings and goings in the village either in Christos’s shop, opposite, or the church next door.

While you could easily spend a whole summer here indulging in people-watching and page-turning, there’s a lot to do if you want a more active holiday. As part of the “agro-tourism” programme run by Potamitis, you can spend the day picking your own olives and grapes, or even head up into the hills with a goat-herder who will teach you how to make halloumi cheese.

Indeed, the whole of Cyprus is littered with ancient historical sites, from the Baths of Aphrodite in the north-west corner, through the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates on the south-west coast, to the monastery at Ayia Napa in the south-east corner. And, thanks to the dual carriageway running along the south coast, you could even squeeze them all in a day. However, when the temperature is hovering around 40C, it’s all too easy to plonk yourself on the beach instead. Fifteen-minutes’ drive from Tochni is Governor’s Beach, a beautiful stretch of gently shelving sand with gin-clear water.

Hard though it is to believe, time flies when you’re occupied by indolence. After a week of reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and evening strolls along the lanes surrounding Tochni, it was suddenly time to leave. Despite vowing not to tell anyone about my Cypriot secret, I’ve been blabbing about it ever since we got back. Hopefully, though, it will still be as quiet when we return back, soon again to Tochni.


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Holiday Rental Homes Villas and Apartments Cyprus

Holiday Rental Homes Villas and Apartments Cyprus, Holiday Apartments in Cyprus,Larnaca Cyprus,Apartment to rent Paphos Cyprus,Konos Bay Cyprus,Paralimni-Protaras


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